More work bullshit

Well, let’s see what happens to fuck shit up THIS year.
I get to run the SA/Austin truck on the twenty fucking third!
The SUNDAY before Christmas.
Omo gets all pissy cause I tell him i’m not going to run out of town on a SUNDAY with just the backup fuel card again. Fuck that shit, last year I had to put my own money in the tank just to make sure I made it back to the DC.
People at work are really wearing on my nerves.
It’s just driving. My arse hair it’s just driving.
Weekend special runs are a right Pain In The Ass, without adding in truck issues or fuel card issues. Even the fucktards that SHOULD know better stay the stupidest shit. They think it’s so fucking easy then they should try matching my schedule for a couple weeks in that POS of a truck and see if it’s JUST driving.

Idiot in Compton says he will authorize the the normal fuel card so I can get fuel on it.
• If it doesn’t work I’m gonna go fucking bug nuts.

December 14, 2012 7:14 PM

We came to rock


Yup, tats about the right of it


Yup, that’s about right

DARK storm go BOOM

Beerterfly knife

Weepy angels

Check out this LOL

Lolcats: most cats look down at you

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Running from the Squirrels!!!!!

BS, IRL and the stupidity of the mob mentality

Ok, so rant time again.
the stupidity of the Eve community can astound and amaze you. Someone makes a mistake, a large one true. Makes an attempt to make amends, get punished. But because of their play style, their Alliance affiliations and their IN-GAME reputation, no one seems to take the attempted apology seriously.

THEN, people start the REAL hate, far surpassing the original mistake, taking it to a point of threatening family, posting RL Addresses. All the while THEY hide behind the anonymity of a game account. It’s utter BULLSHIT. Making in-game threats, meh, big deal. I’ve seen it a thousand times (I’m sure the one involved has likely seen millions either before or because of this) but when you make threats to people’s family AFTER someone is stupid enough to post a RL address, that’s crossing a line.

And to those who say that his actions DO fall in the category of Cyber Bullying. I think your full of shit. If this is the case then 90% of Eve is guilty of the same damn thing, especially Carebears after they get griefed.

This will be my last post on this train wreck ( I hope)

Let if go people, this is just over shadowing the good CCP has been trying to do for out beloved game.

BTW, I look forward to the upcoming burning of Jita. Should be good fun and a hell of a show.

I restart therefore, I’m probably an idiot

Guess I’m starting from scratch since I can’t seem to find any good backups that work from my .net site :-/